Grading & Excavating - Duncansville, PA

Providing Grading & Excavating Services to Central and Western PA

Zane Helsel Excavating is dedicated to providing grading and excavating services to Central and Western Pennsylvania. Since 1956, we have completed many projects. We pay attention to every detail of all of our projects and we make sure they are done on time.

Services for all Customers in the Area at Competitive Pricing

Our company offers our grading and excavating services to commercial, industrial and residential customers in the area. We have done projects from driveways, access roads, parking lots, ponds, backfilling retaining walls, to containment berms, railways, and building pads. We have the right knowledge and experience to complete every project that comes our way. Let our competitive pricing help make sure projects go from paper to reality. With our competitive pricing, all of our customers will be happy with their result.