Stormwater Management - Duncansville, PA

Understanding Stormwater Management

Having been around since 1956, Zane Helsel Excavating has seen the excavating world completely change from the days when stormwater management was just an open ditch running from a farmer’s field to a trout stream to now a system of pipes, inlets, volume management outlet structures and bioretention ponds. We now understand it’s not just about holding water back to help lower the risk of flooding, but rather holding that water to allow it time to be absorbed into the ground. This absorption helps to purify the water using the Earth as a natural filter system with the added bonus of decreasing the impact to those downstream. These systems have become more complex as time goes by and they need special understanding to make sure everything works properly.

Our Team Works to Meet State and Local Environmental Requirements

Stormwater management is always changing. As we become more and more environmental conscience, laws and regulations change to try and help Mother Nature help us. We at Zane Helsel Excavating understand that there is not just one way or one set of rules to follow. We work will all levels of government to meet their expectations. Whether it’s the Department of Environmental Protections setting guidelines for the engineers to follow or the local municipality enforcing those on our job sites, it’s important to work with these entities without conflict to ensure no monetary penalties or costly delays are incurred.

Our Team Works to Meet State and Local Requirements

We can assist in installing drainage basins, detention facilities, and pipes that are designed to collect stormwater. These are essential in any stormwater management plan because it removes water from streets, houses and businesses, and allows it to disperse downstream with much less impact. This results in less flooding and more time for the water to be absorbed into the ground to help filter out harmful contaminates. Zane Helsel Excavating, Inc works to meet all EPA, Federal, and state requirements to improve stormwater management techniques. For more information on stormwater management, and how Zane Helsel Excavating, Inc. can help you, contact us at (814) 695-4573.