Mobile Rock Crushing and Screening - Duncansville, PA

Mobile Rock Crushing and Screening Services for Central and Western Pennsylvania

Mobile rock crushing can be a great solution to turn undesirable waste material into a product that is profitable. Zane Helsel Excavating can provide mobile rock crushing and screening services to clients in Central Pennsylvania for a price that will fit many budgets. Our mobile rock crushing unit can crush limestone, slate, river stone, concrete, asphalt and many others. With our screening service, we can separate your crushed material, up to 3 different sizes in one pass, into a more specific use product. 

Zane Helsel Excavating’s Mobile Rock Crushing Units Can be Used Anywhere

Since our mobile rock crushing units can be transported anywhere, we can crush materials right on site while keeping the cost low. After rock, brick, cement blocks, and many others are crushed it can immediately be recycled for another use. Recycled rock material can be used as a base for new roads, parking lots, driveways, walkways, and other asphalt and concrete surfaces. Zane Helsel Excavating are experts at mobile rock crushing who will make sure to hit your specifications on every job. 

Zane Helsel Excavating Listens to Our Customer’s Expectations and Needs

While we work on our mobile crushing and screening projects, we make sure to be aware of the potential impacts on the environment. Zane Helsel Excavating, Inc.’s team also takes the time to listen to our customers to make sure they get exactly the service they are expecting. No job is too big or small. For more information on our mobile rock crushing and screening services, and to receive a free estimate contact us at (814)695-4573.